2023 was an eventful year for opendata.swiss - here come the stats!

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2023 war ein ereignisreiches Jahr für opendata.swiss, mit 16 neuen Organisationen, über 10'000 Datensätze publiziert, der neue OGD Masterplan, 2. Version des DCAT-AP CH und zahlreiche Veranstaltungen und vieles mehr - in 2024 geht es weiter!

2023 a été une année riche en événements pour opendata.swiss, avec 16 nouvelles organisations, plus de 10 000 jeux de données publiés, le nouveau plan directeur OGD, la 2e version du DCAT-AP CH et de nombreux événements et bien plus encore - en 2024, ça continue!

Il 2023 è stato un anno ricco di eventi per opendata.swiss, con 16 nuove organizzazioni, oltre 10.000 set di dati pubblicati, il nuovo Masterplan OGD, la seconda versione del DCAT-AP CH e numerosi eventi e molto altro ancora - continua nel 2024!

2023 was an eventful year for opendata.swiss, with 16 new organisations, over 10,000 datasets published, the new OGD Masterplan, 2nd version of the DCAT-AP CH and numerous events and much more - it continues in 2024!

We made the quick visualization to show the cumulative publication counts of the different political levels over time. For details and sources visit the repository:

In other news, the Swiss Federal Council just opened a consultation on the new Federal Statistics Ordinance:

15.12.2023 - At its meeting on 15 December 2023, the Federal Council opened the consultation on the new Ordinance on Federal Statistics. This regulates the activities of all federal statistics producers, in particular the conduct of surveys and interviews, the processing and use of data for statistical purposes and the various services in the field of data science and artificial intelligence.


Cumulative OGD datasets published per year

Data source: opendata.swiss (Open use)

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